Embrace Your Ethnic Style This Women’s Day

Ralph Lauren — ‘Style is very personal. It has nothing to do with fashion. Fashion is over quickly. Style is forever.’

Style is a lot more personal than fashion. Fashion is ever evolving, style is what truly defines your personal statement, and this is why you mustn’t shy away from your personal preferences. Own your choices and flaunt your personal style instead of blindly following trends. We all have a few favourite styles that speak to us the most. This Women’s Day, embrace your individuality and style your look the way you like it.

We got Aashna Shroff of The Snob Journal to share her thoughts on embracing one’s individual style. Check out what she has to say about styling ethnic wear in one’s own personal manner.

Q1) What are the 3 terms that best describe your individual style?

Experimental, fun, and vibrant!

Q2) Are you a traditionalist when it comes to ethnic/Indian wear?

Sometimes, yes. I love going the traditional way when it comes to Indian wear, because it adds that element of grace and simplicity that is unparalleled.

Q3) What is that one factor that sets your style apart?

I’m not afraid to wear what I like, and I’m always open to trying new trends before I form an opinion about them.

Q4) What’s your fashion advice for women looking for ethnic wear/styles?

Don’t be shy to wear a bright colour if you like it. As long as you think it looks good on you, you’ll have the confidence to pull it off, and nothing can bring you down.

If you were wondering how to style your ethnic look, take a cue from Aashna’s handy fashion advice. Do let us know what are your thoughts in the comments below. We’d love to hear about your ethnic style statement!



Image Courtesy: https://twitter.com/aashnashroff


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