Wardrobe staples for Ethnic wear

An ethnic wardrobe has an effortless elegance attached to it and its sublime beauty just cannot be ignored. If built with the right pieces, it will face no fluctuation in the fashion graph. Though easy to build, it can be challenging to find the right pieces to make it stand out. Here is a list of wardrobe staples that you can’t afford to not have in your ethnic wardrobe.

Indo-Western Kurtis

Indo-western clothing is the combination of western and traditional Indian fashion. It has been a fashion norm for quite a long time now and the ‘East meets west’ clothing makes for a trendy and comfortable style statement. It is a mixture of quirk and elegance. Style it up with minimal and subtle accessories and you’re good to go. Stand out of the crowd and pick from our new range of Indo-westerns.


Anarkali dress

We totally owe it to the Mughals for giving us the Anarkali. It is fitted on the bust followed by large pleats commonly known as ‘kalis’. The make of the dress has evolved over time, with variations in length. You can whether to go for too many kalis or less kalis depending upon your body type. It has a royal touch attached to it and can make you steal the show. Pair it up with statement earrings to help you match the volume of the dress!



Saree, also said to be India’s gift to the world, is one of the most elegant garments that can be part of your ethnic wardrobe. It’s an element of class and you can pass your day in it like a breeze. The best part about a Saree is a number of variations and styles it offers. Choose from our wide range of sarees and rock it the way you want!



Lehengas are a must have for your ethnic wardrobe. It is a form of skirt which is long, flowy and intricately embroidered. It is a piece of sublime beauty and has a queenly touch to it. You can choose to go for one with heavy embroidery for a wedding or stick to simpler ones for a festival and play it up with the right amount of accessories. Pair it with bold accessories and a maang tika and you’re ready to dazzle!

Jodhpuri Suits

The Jodhpuri suit was popularized back during the British Raj in India and hasn’t left us since. It is a western style suit, paired with a coat and trousers and at times accompanied with a vest. It brings together elements of the west and Indian embroidery. Invest in one and feel like a Maharaja!



Sherwanis are a symbol of royalty and are the go-to outfits for any special occasion.  They are best known for their intricate designs and minute embroidery. You can never go wrong in a Sherwani!

And, that’s our list of things that you need to have to complete your ethnic wardrobe. So go ahead, add a touch of elegance to your wardrobe and stand out from the crowd!

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