Measurement form

    Please fill in the below measurement details, according to the item you have ordered:

    (Please note: - attire will be made precisely as seen on our website, if you have any requirements please;. state below. We do not guarantee on special requirements through this
    form as it could be subject to availability, and surcharges. (Our sales executive will contact you)

    Men Measurement

    Please read the following before filling out the form:

    • You must provide full, accurate and legible measurements on this form. Please make sure you have precisely followed our guidelines given in the image and information to obtain measurements (contact our sales executive through email or phone for further assistance if required)

    • If you wish to, please send us your full length picture through with the form in the email for a better perception for our production team

    • Once you have given us the measurements we will process your order immediately, any changes at later stage may not be possible

    • Special requirements may take longer than the 30 days period (Our sales executive will contact you in such a case)

    • While every endeavor has been made to accurately reproduce colors, there may be minor variations in color of the actual product because of the nature of fabric dyes or due to special effects used on photography.

    • Benzerworld will NOT be responsible for any measurements repudiated. Attire will be altered according to the measurements provided to us on this form.

    • We will leave inside margins only if nature of the fabric or the style allows for extra margins.

    • We will make the outfit as shown on our website, unless there are specific requirements from you. We will only contact you, if the fabric is not available or has any changes.

    Guideline on how to take measurements

    It is absolutely necessary that we receive your accurate measurements to ensure that the outfit ordered fits you. If possible, get someone else to measure you. Do not make extra allowances. Do not pull the measuring tape too tight.

    Notes on how to take the measurements:

    1. Height from head to toe: Take off your shoes. Stand straight with your back against a wall. Fix a point on the wall that is level with the top of your head. Take a measurement of the height from this point to the floor.

    2. Jacket/Kurta Length: Keeping the tape straight start measuring from the inner edge of the shoulder to the desired length depending on your requirement or the outfit.

    3. Sleeve length: Start the measurement by placing the tape on the shoulder tip, down towards the
    arm and measure up to the desired length of the sleeves, preferably up to the wrist for long sleeve
    or depending on your requirement or the outfit.

    4. Shoulder: Keep the measuring tape horizontally on the back from one end of the shoulder to
    another and measure the shoulder width.

    5. Collar: Take measurement around the lowest neck point. The tape should be snug but not too
    tight. You should be able to fit your index finger between the tape and your neck.

    6. Around arm: This measurement helps the seamstress prepare the sleeve to fit your biceps.
    Wrap the measuring tape across the fullest point of your bicep while keeping the arm relaxed.

    7. Arm hole: Wrap the measuring tape around the arm hole, and over the edge of your shoulder.

    8. Around Chest: With your arms at your sides, take measurement around the fullest part of your
    chest, roughly at nipple level. Stand naturally as possible without inflating your chest. You should be
    able to fit through your index finger between the tape and your chest.

    9. Around stomach: Place the measuring tape above waist around navel, around the widest part
    on stomach. Allow once finger to rest between the tape and stomach, stand naturally as possible,
    without inflating your stomach.

    10. Around waist: Place the measuring tape around the narrowest part of the abdomen, and take a
    measurement around the point where trouser/pants is to be worn.

    11. Around hips: Place the measuring tape around the widest part of your buttocks, to take a
    measurement, and be sure to keep the tape straight from the front and the back

    12. Trouser/ Churidar length: Stand straight and measure from your waist point where you
    normally tie/wear your bottoms. Take the tape straight measuring down to your ankle to touch the
    floor or at the point where you want your bottoms to end. It might be ideal to take extra margins of
    the footwear height you would wear with this, as it will affect the desired length.

    13. Inseam length: Measure from the crotch, where two legs join to the bottom of the leg touching
    the floor.

    14. Fork: Measure from middle of the waist point down to crotch, where two legs join.

    15. Around thigh: Measure the circumference of fullest part of the upper thigh by wrapping the tape
    measure around, while standing straight

    16. Around knee: Measure the circumference of the knee by wrapping the tape measure, while
    standing straight.

    17. Trouser bottom: Measure the circumference of the fullest part of ankle joint by wrapping the
    tape measure around, while standing straight. Don’t pull the tape too tight.

    18. Mojari size: Only required if you need to or have ordered mojaris (shoes). You can refer to the
    size chart available on our website.